Displays of design

Researched and produced for your retail outlet.

All of our displays come with the POS-Tuning pushfeed technology pre-installed for the best presentation and servicing of your products at the point of sale. Many of our displays can be personalized with LED lighting, personalized color options, or adjusted for cigarette cartons. (Click on the image to the left of the text to download pdf brochures with the options relative to each product):

With the Cube RYO it's possible to create the the form and size of display you need by attaching multiple modules together on any side. It is adaptable to brands with horizontal or vertical formating and the colored film of the outer frame can be changed when and as needed.
The Revolution Expo allows for an improved presentation of tobacco brands by increasing the number of visible product facings without increasing the needed physical display space. Another innovative feature of this display is that the upper part is designed to additionally display digital marketing media via pre-installed screens or to display and store lottery scratch cards. Furthermore, with the addition of a "magic mirror" this display can also be used in dark markets where the open display of tobacco products is prohibited.
The Scaffale Kit is adaptable to your space and product requirements: it is available in two different lengths and widths, the pushfeed technology is moveable and appropriate for a wide rande of tobacco products, and can be ordered in the "classic" version (opaque shelves made of PVC) or in the "light" model (pushfeed support runners without a background surface). Also included is a profile for price holders.

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