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Tekna Design: The Ideal Partner

Tekna Design has many years of experience in providing tobacco displays to manufacturers of tobacco products. In the last ten years, Tekna has designed and produced display solutions for the leading multinational corporations in the tobacco industry.

Tekna Design designs and manufactures permanent displays in a variety of materials, among which are iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, Corten steel, wood and wood-based panels, as well as plexiglass and plastics. Having always been concerned about the ecological imprint of its work, Tekna Design also offers a variety of innovative and Earth-friendly materials derived from recycled plastic (such as PET or PE), recycled post-consumer goods (such as cartons for food and plastic bottle caps), and from raw materials produced using waste products like natural peanut residue.

In addition to our manufactured products, Tekna Design also offers a series of complimentary services. These include: logistics management, delivery to and installation of the finished product in the retail outlet, management of pre- and post-delivery reporting, and maintenance and upkeep of the shop-in-shop or display.
Tekna Design collaborates with important architecture firms, communication agencies, and graphic designers throughout Italy in the development phase of its products.

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